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To sustain and improve human health by consistently delivering high quality, safe and effective food and pharmaceutical products and services that meet customer expectations across the globe through current good manufacturing practices, state of the art technology, competent workforce and efficient management.


To be the leading distributor of beverages, food and pharmaceutical products in Philippines in terms of expertise, innovation and responsible entrepreneurship. We want to build mutually beneficial relationship with our customers by providing high quality standard products and excellent services.

Company Profile

Get to Know Us

Divjot Enterprises Corp. celebrates its 12 years of operation and is one of the best companies engaged in the importation and distribution of  pharmaceutical and food products in the Philippines. Divjot Enterprises Corp. is distributing more than two hundred pharmaceutical products from various manufacturers. The company is a registered member of Philippine Government Electronic Procurement System (PhilGEPS) and a major bidder of quality pharmaceutical supplies to the government health department. Food products distribution and marketing mainly from dried and processed commodities the company is also known, specially the Indian Groceries that is widely in demand to foreign restaurants and local households in the Philippines. Divjot Enterprises Corp. is engaged with strategic marketing process which involves building customer relationships by creating and delivering superior customer value aiming to produce high customer equity. The company successfully and efficiently blending skilled
people, resources, organizational structure and decisions for implementing strategies at all levels. Furthermore, the company is licensed to enter into kind of contracts for the export, import, purchase, acquisition, sale at wholesale and other dispositions for its own account as principal or representative capacity as manufacturing representatives, merchandise broker, indenter, commission merchant, factors or agents upon consignment of all kinds of goods, wares, merchandise or product whether natural or artificial.
We are pledged to import products only from the manufacturers obtained approval from the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) – Philippines and foreign manufacturers obtained approvals from member countries of Pharmaceutical Inspection Convention and the Pharmaceutical Inspection Co-operation Scheme (PIC/S). We have already set our vision to become a significant player in the pharmaceutical industry, whether in local market or government supplies by distributing high quality, affordable and innovative solutions in medicine and treatment.
Divjot Enterprises Corp. imports nutraceuticals that are manufactured at WHO GMP certified units. The company also brings a fresh, inventive approach to dermatology and cosmetology and is committed itself to provide efficient, reliable products with high quality and safety profile while serving the health care professionals.
Divjot Enterprises Corp. is an importer of beverages and food products of any kind and nature. The company is the exclusive authorized importer and distributor of the products of Hector Beverages Private Limited, a leading beverage manufacturer in India. Also, the company is specialized in distribution and marketing of dried and processed plant commodities duly registered and accredited with the Bureau of Plant Industry – Philippines, thereby authorized to distribute beans, lentils, grains, nuts, peas and also
obtained special authority to import corn flour, wheat flour, chickpeas flour and cocoa powder. These beverages, foods, dried and processed plant commodities for human consumption are duly registered with the Food and Drugs Administration – Philippines and are available in authorized distributors and grocery stores in the local market. The company assures the domestic market that its wide-ranged of imported beverages and food products are organically yielded, harvested, processed and packed by our suppliers thru its innovative state of the art agro-technologies to maintain its freshness and nutritional content.

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